About Us

Yayasan Dana Abadi Pelajar is an Indonesian non-profit organization that focusses on providing (i) scholarships and/or (ii) student loan funding to underprivileged students across Indonesia.

According to USAID, 19 million youth do not attend higher education.  With your support, we can help more youth attend college.

Our financing model is very similar to Kiva. Donation money can be disbursed as a friendly student loan using income sharing model.

Education Fund Indonesia (dana abadi pendidikan)

Our goal is to recycle the donation money into an endowment fund, to ensure sustainability for future generation education funding.

We have been able to fund these youth because of from donors like you. The truth is without your help, those youth won’t attend college.


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Yayasan Dana Abadi Pelajar cooperates with DANAdidik to disburse scholarships and student loan.